Grands Boulevards

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Version Française [version française]

How to tell Grands Boulevards?
Seems like being alone in a crossroads and you don't know which path to follow. You could be tempted to think about M83, and how our french combo love this constellation. But it would be like painting a monochrom, so much there sonic imagination is rich, and released from their shared love for The War On Drugs, Team Ghost, or even Thomas Azier, suitting perfectly their Converses.

Grands Boulevards is above all two distinct voices and sounds, perfectly united. One being Sun, the other acting Moon, they sing about freedom, dreams and other worlds.
Grands Boulevards is a wide variety of synthesizers, mixed to subtle guitars. A game that The Edge would definitly play.

Grands Boulevards is angry rock, languorous pop with its electronic attires, and it's calming and contemplative folk as well. Grands Boulevards is an outdoor journey beneath the stars, precisly.

gbvds photo web